A veterinary assistant and receptionist at Kirkwood Animal Hospital since February 2011, Shawna has a passion for animals large and small. Shawna grew up in San Jose and knew at an early age that her passion for animals would lead to a veterinary career. Shawna is studying to become a registered veterinary technician and is an avid San Jose Sharks fan. She enjoys spending time with her animal companions, reading about breakthroughs in veterinary medicine, listening to music, and creating art.


Mike has been working as a veterinary assistant at Kirkwood Animal Hospital for nearly 10 years. Mike holds an Animal Sciences degree and takes pride at the wonderful care given to all the pets and their clients and loves being part of the friendly, caring staff. Mike has been married for four years and has a beautiful two-year-old daughter. His animal companions include four kittens, a goldfish, and an algae eater. On his days off, Mike enjoys going to the park with his daughter and watching his favorite athletes, Martin Brodeur and Tim Tebow.


CharlotteAs the office manager and receptionist at Kirkwood Animal Hospital, Charlotte is one of the first staff members that visitors meet at Kirkwood Animal Hospital. Charlotte had been a mainstay at the hospital for 19 years. After taking time off to raise her kids, Charlotte returned in 2009. Her passion for veterinary medicine and compassion for the bond between pets and their owners inspire her to put caring for animals first. Charlotte’s time off is spent with her family, and she also enjoys cooking, camping, gardening, and outdoor activities.


JanFront office receptionist Jan joined the team at Kirkwood Animal Hospital in 1975. Jan is also a licensed veterinary technician and is quick to lend a hand in the hospital’s clinical area whenever she is needed. Jan takes pride in the high-quality care delivered at the hospital and enjoys being part of the Kirkwood family. In her spare time, Jan enjoys the outdoors, taking trips to the mountains, and spending time with her family.


Gina has been a volunteer with Kirkwood Animal Hospital since 2011. Currently, she is pursuing a veterinary technician degree at Foothill Community College. Gina enjoys her time with her two pets, a lab-mix dog and a cat. During her free time, she is with her family, friends and more importantly, her two pets.



Destyn started at Kirkwood the summer of 1989. Animal health has always been her passion. Living on a small ranch in the Santa Clara County, Destyn shares her home with horses, dogs, cats, chickens, goats, a pig and a pet tarantula.




DylynVeterinary assistant Dylyn has been with Kirkwood Animal Hospital since 2009. Dylyn is working towards earning both an Animal Sciences degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Biology. When she’s not at the




TeddyTeddy graduated from Carrington College, with his Associates degree in animal sciences. He loves being with small animals. During his spare time, Teddy spends time with his dogs and enjoys discovering new places. His career ambition is to become a Registered Veterinary Technician.


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