If you’re reading this we’re sure you love your pets. And we know that panicked feeling when you think something might be wrong. Why is he whining? Why is she limping? Is he in pain? Is this something serious? What should I do? What can I do?

But, we all want answers fast and given our location we are familiar with the Internet (perhaps too much so). So it’s tempting to look for clues online when our pets are not feeling 100%. In fact, many pet owners turn to the Internet to find medical advice for their beloved family members. But the best course of action is to simply “ask your veterinarian.”

Pet Health Information

According to the American Animal Hospital Association, contacting your pet’s veterinarian is the best way to care for your dog or cat. Without properly examining a pet, any insights acquired online could be inaccurate and potentially dangerous. Although many pet owners are experts in their pets’ day-to-day routines, few are medical experts. But that’s where we can help. We are just a phone call away.

Example Situation: "Smelly" Pet

For instance, consider a pet owner searching for shampoos for a "smelly dog." Often, the problem is not a "smelly" body or coat, but a painful and odorous ear or dental infection that needs medical attention or treatment with medicine.

For general education, turning to a reputable source of information online can be helpful. But, it’s often faster and easier to call Kirkwood Animal Hospital to ask questions when you have specific concerns. We’ll respond quickly. But most importantly, we know your pet and can help identify the underlying issue before it becomes a problem.

Example Situation: "Shaking" Pet

Another common question involves the best medication to treat pet seizures. Diagnosing a seizure can be quite difficult and there are many potential causes, including fainting from heart disease, serious liver disease, or difficulty regulating blood sugar — just to mention a few. The entire staff at Kirkwood Animal Hospital is trained to identify the potential causes of a problem noticed by a pet owner, make an accurate diagnosis, and communicate effective treatment options.

If you ever have questions about your pet, please make a call to Kirkwood Animal Hospital your first action. We will always take the time to hear how your pet is doing and to address any concerns you might have. Often, a single telephone call can place your mind at ease.

Kirkwood Veterinarians

We are 100% dedicated to the health and well-being of your pets. Please call us whenever you have questions.