Kirkwood Animal Hospital Website/Social Media

Kirkwood Animal Hospital is proud to announce our hospital website,

Many of you are already aware of our Facebook page (  If not, please check us out and be our fan!

We welcome pictures of your furry children and testimonials.  Testimonials posted on our Facebook page may be posted on our website also!  Please check back frequently for updates and medical articles!


New! Dental Equipment!

Dentistry is an important part of our pet’s preventative care.  Severe dental tarter can lead to cavities, tooth root abscesses and gum disease.  Annual examinations allow the Kirkwood veterinarians to evaluate your pet’s dental health, and recommend dental cleanings as appropriate.

Recently, Kirkwood has acquired a state-of the-art, free standing dental machine with ultrasonic scaler and dedicated high-speed drill.  What does all this mean for your pets?   The ultrasonic scaler is gentler and quicker on your pet’s teeth and gums.  The increased efficiency means decreased time under anesthesia.  The high-speed drill allows our veterinarians to extract any teeth necessary with precision and accuracy.  Make sure your furry friends see us yearly and are evaluated for dental health!


New! Technician Appointments!

Starting January 1, 2013, Kirkwood Animal Hospital will be recommending technician appointment for simple procedures such as:

  • nail trims, anal gland expressions,
  • suture or drain removals,
  • doctor scheduled blood draws, and
  • other miscellaneous appointments.

We have changed our policy from walk-in to help control the flow of patients throughout the day.  If you forget, walk-ins will always be welcome but please call us ahead of time and schedule a time if you can.

Will I actually be seeing a technician?  In most cases, no.  Simple procedures will still be taken in and performed in our treatment area.  But if you need treatment instruction or have other questions, a technician will be happy to see you.