As state and local guidelines change, please know that Kirkwood is vigilantly following and evaluating all COVID protocols recommended for a safe re-opening.


We would like to update you on our status for the upcoming weeks.

  • We are extending our dog daycare appointment time slots to every half hour to accommodate COVID social distancing protocols. Please be patient as we are working as fast as we can.
  • We are currently unable to schedule any nail or anal gland appointments. Please contact a local groomer as several have been allowed to reopen.
  • Please be patient with our phone lines. We will be upgrading our phone system in the near future to prioritize urgent calls to our front staff.  Until then, we only have 4 phone lines. If they are all busy your call will not get through. Please keep trying. Our new phone system will remedy this situation.
  • As part of our efforts to free our phone lines, our doctors may be calling from blocked numbers. If you are expecting a return call, please consider answering Caller ID blocked lines while you wait.
  • Please refrain from flagging down staff members in the parking lot. We are trying to service everyone in a timely manner. Distractions may be forgotten further delaying your service.
  • Please do not knock on the doors, as our staff is likely on a call attempting to clear the phone lines as fast as possible.
  • Unfortunately, we will remain closed on Saturdays during the month of June.


COVID Appointment Protocol:

  • Please wear a mask when interacting with our staff. You can find a n95 mask for sale at any near-by corner store.
  • Upon arriving at the clinic for a scheduled appointment, please check in with our waitlist app and remain in your vehicle. If you do not have access to the Internet via a smartphone, please call to check in.
  • We will walk to your vehicle to greet and take your pet. Then the doctors will call or come out to talk to you.
  • After your appointment the front staff will call you with your invoice and take payment over the phone.


Picking Up Your Pet:

  • Please call and let us know you have arrived, and we will bring your pet and invoice.


Picking up Medications and Food:

  • Please allow 48 hours for drug refills and 72 hours for controlled drug refills, unless otherwise instructed by a doctor.
  • You can also email your food and medication requests, as our email is checked at least once daily.
  • Please note that no appointments are seen between 12PM to 3PM, and this may be a better time for food and medication pickups.


Thank you for your patience during these extraordinary times.