Below is a summary of the common services provided to cat and pet owners by the veterinary staff at Kirkwood Animal Hospital. If you require a service not listed below, please contact us.

Wellness Care | Vaccinations | Microchip Identification | Dental Care | Laboratory Services | Surgical Care | Alternative Medicine | Ultrasound | Digital Radiology

Wellness Care

Cat and Dog Wellness Care in Campbell CAPets age faster than people. To maintain your pet’s quality of life, it is important to arrange a physical examination at least once a year. We especially encourage new puppy and kitten owners to schedule an exam shortly after adoption to obtain important information and begin their vaccination schedule. Routine check-ups with an emphasis on preventative care allow us to diagnose hidden health problems that might not be obvious to you. This also gives us the opportunity to discuss your pet’s nutritional needs, the newest vaccines, behavioral issues, or other concerns you may have. Wellness exams performed by our doctors are extremely thorough and includes a detailed analysis of your pet’s overall health.


Cat and Dog Vaccinations in Campbell CAPet owners must learn about the vaccines that will be most beneficial for their pets. It can be harmful to your pet if it receives unnecessary vaccines, too many vaccines, vaccines administered in intervals too close together or too far apart, or at the wrong age. In addition, age, health history, environmental exposure, and other factors have a great bearing on which vaccines should be administered and how often. Our doctors welcome the chance to discuss, determine, and administer vaccines that are most appropriate and beneficial for your pets. Be sure to inform our doctors about your pet’s lifestyle, environment, medical history, current medical problems, and medications they are receiving.

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Microchip Identification

Give yourself the peace of mind by providing your pet with the lifetime protection of a microchip. Microchipping is a new technology where a tiny rice-sized computer chip is implanted under the loose skin between your pet’s shoulder blades. Your pet will react no more than when it receives a vaccination. Once the pet is chipped, a microchip scanner can read your pet’s unique microchip ID code, identify you as the pet owner, and quickly re-unite you with your pet if it gets lost. Animals of any age and size can be injected with the microchip. At Kirkwood Animal Hospital, we use the Pet Link microchip, which utilizes an internationally standardized technology that enables your pet’s microchip to be read by an ISO-compliant scanner anywhere in the world.

Dental Care

Cat and Dog Dental Care in Campbell CAPets experience dental disease just as we do. Roughly 60-80% of cats and dogs suffer from tooth decay, cavities, infected gums, plaque, tartar, and worn enamel that can be extremely painful and take years off their lives if left untreated. Regular dental cleanings and exams do more than just prevent bad breath. The health of your pet’s teeth, gums, and mouth has a profound impact on their immune system and the rest of their body.

Kirkwood Animal Hospital provides comprehensive veterinary dental care for your pet. For each dental cleaning, our staff administers anesthesia based on your pet’s individual health history. Our veterinary technicians use the latest dental equipment when cleaning your pet’s teeth. Even with regularly scheduled teeth cleanings, we urge you to clean your pet’s teeth; after the dental cleaning, our technicians will show you how to brush your pet’s teeth properly at home.

Laboratory Services

Cat and Dog Lab Services in Campbell CA

Performing preventative veterinary medicine requires the ability to perform a wide range of laboratory tests. Without timely access to precise laboratory test results, it is impossible to make an accurate diagnosis or assessment of your pet’s health.

Kirkwood Animal Hospital performs the following laboratory services in-house while you wait:

  • Fine needle aspirates of superficial tumors
  • Packed cell volume and total protein
  • Ear cytology
  • Skin scrapings

Along with our on-site laboratory services, we also work with Antech Laboratory, Inc. to offer our patients a wider range of testing. Standard blood work is available within 12-to-24 hours.

Surgical Care

Cat and Dog Surgical Care in Campbell CA

The veterinarians at Kirkwood Animal Hospital are highly experienced surgeons who stay on top of the latest surgical developments in our field in order to offer leading-edge surgical options and the highest quality care for our clients.

Treatments and procedures offered include, but not limited to:

  • Spays and neuter
  • Tumor removal
  • Exploratory surgery
  • Ear resection
  • Gastrointestinal surgery
  • Medical patellar luxation corrective procedure
  • Femoral head osteoctemy

We partner with orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Rousch, DVM, for patients that require more advanced surgical procedures.

During surgery, patients are maintained on gas anesthesia and monitored throughout the entire procedure. Care is taken at all times to manage pain in order to comfort the pet and promote healing.

Your pet receives pain medication before, during and after surgery, and our doctors may provide you with additional pain medication to administer at home. Pain medication speeds up your pet’s recovery and reduces your pet’s discomfort.

Alternative Medicine

In addition to our surgical services, Kirkwood Animal Hospital offers alternative medical and therapeutic options for your pet. Chiropractics and Cold Laser Therapy are offered by Dr. Deb Sell.

Veterinary chiropractic treatments are a foundation for maintaining and achieving optimum health in your pet and are recommended for pets suffering from arthritis, back disorders, and other musculoskeletal ailments and diseases. Adjustments facilitate normal movement in the spinal column, limbs, and pelvis. These treatments are crucial to preventing injuries in healthy pets, and reducing pain and inflammation in injured pets.

Cold laser therapy stimulates blood flow, causing greater oxygenation and nutrition to injured tissue. It also increases drainage of cellular and toxins to accelerate tissue healing.

Cold laser therapy is also highly effective treatment for chronic arthritis pain and helps restore body function. Healing can occur even after metabolic slow-downs due to immobility, traumas, or surgical operations.


Ultrasound services are provided on a consultation basis by Veterinary Radiology Diagnostics and Mission Valley Veterinary Cardiology. Ultrasound is a totally non-invasive and painless technology that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce a real-time image of your pet’s internal organs.

It is particularly useful in viewing your pet’s heart and abdominal organs. For heart diagnoses, ultrasound makes it possible to watch the heart in motion and measure each of its parts.

Ultrasound examination allows the veterinarian to assess the size, shape and texture of internal organs and detect abnormalities.

Digital Radiology

Cat and Dog Radiology in Campbell CA

All radiographs are performed using a state-of-the-art digital radiology unit. Digital radiology, which increases our viewing capability by allowing our doctors to lighten or darken various areas of an image and zoom in and out to focus on precise areas. With digital radiology, an accurate image can be taken in less than 2 minutes, minimizing exposure to our pet patients, reducing stress, and saving time for our clients. In addition, images taken with digital radiography are saved at the hospital for future reference and, if necessary, can be shared with board-certified radiologists while the original copy remains safe at the hospital.