This month we focus upon a common pet problem — hotspots. While they are more prevalent during the summer, they can occur year-round and cause your pet tremendous discomfort. What are hotspots? Hotspots are areas of red, moist or inflamed skin that can be found on your pet where ever they can reach with their […]

This month we focus upon the decision to spay or neuter your pet–and the factors to consider when making such a decision. Definition Spaying is the process of removing the reproductive capability of female pets, while neutering is the same but for males. Discussion Among pet owners there is often resistance to having a pet […]

Did you ever think of vacationing with your pet? When you bring your pet, you’ll reduce the stress associated with boarding or entrusting your pet to a neighbor or family member. But you need to ensure they can travel well, be comfortable in a new environment, eat their regular food and ensure someone is available […]

This month’s newsletter focuses upon tick prevention and treatment. While ticks are present all year in northern California, they are more active in the spring and summer. What are ticks? Ticks are small parasites that feed on the blood of host animals like our cats or dogs. Surprisingly, ticks are arachnids — like spiders — […]

One of the most common reasons that cats and dogs visit us is their constant scratching or licking often related to allergies. For many pets, this is a seasonal condition. But for others it can become a constant, year-long battle. This month we’ll explore pet allergies and how you can help your pets be comfortable. […]

Just like people, pets age. And as they do their needs, nutritional requirements and activity levels change. This month’s newsletter focuses upon what to expect as your pet ages. Pet Age From a relative perspective, pets "age" faster than people. But the definition of a "senior" pet varies by species, breed and overall size (larger […]

Overview In northern California and across all states in the U.S., heartworm is a serious affliction that can impact your pet. Pets that contract heartworm are exposed to a lengthy treatment and recovery process. And, unfortunately, not all pets survive. The good news is that prevention is easy and effective requiring only a single chewable […]

If our pets are like many of us, they may have over-indulged in meals and treats over the holidays. Unfortunately, overweight or obese pets are becoming increasingly common and it’s a battle we have to tackle together. Today, it is estimated that 59% of cats and 54% of dogs in the United States are overweight […]

This month’s newsletter focuses upon bringing a new pet into your life. The decision to "expand your family" often happens quickly and with great excitement (as it should be!). Yet as the holidays approach, we would like to share considerations when selecting a pet. Evaluate Your Lifestyle Before adopting a pet (young or old), it’s […]

This month we focus upon how to keep your pet healthy and comfortable through easy and effective grooming techniques. Not only will your pet be happier, they will look great for the upcoming holidays. Regular Brushing The easiest and most beneficial grooming activity is brushing your pet’s coat. Regular brushing not only removes tangled and […]