Overview In northern California and across all states in the U.S., heartworm is a serious affliction that can impact your pet. Pets that contract heartworm are exposed to a lengthy treatment and recovery process. And, unfortunately, not all pets survive. The good news is that prevention is easy and effective requiring only a single chewable […]

If our pets are like many of us, they may have over-indulged in meals and treats over the holidays. Unfortunately, overweight or obese pets are becoming increasingly common and it’s a battle we have to tackle together. Today, it is estimated that 59% of cats and 54% of dogs in the United States are overweight […]

This month’s newsletter focuses upon bringing a new pet into your life. The decision to "expand your family" often happens quickly and with great excitement (as it should be!). Yet as the holidays approach, we would like to share considerations when selecting a pet. Evaluate Your Lifestyle Before adopting a pet (young or old), it’s […]

This month we focus upon how to keep your pet healthy and comfortable through easy and effective grooming techniques. Not only will your pet be happier, they will look great for the upcoming holidays. Regular Brushing The easiest and most beneficial grooming activity is brushing your pet’s coat. Regular brushing not only removes tangled and […]

We wanted to highlight several questions you should always feel free to ask your veterinarian — and might inspire other inquiries. So, please ask away! We’re here to help maximize the health, happiness, comfort and longevity of your pet. 1. Why is my pet being taken to the back room? During an office visit, it […]

As a provider of your pet’s care, we would like to highlight the emergence of canine influenza—a highly infectious disease that is occurring with increasing frequency in our area and across the country. Our objective is to inform and educate pet owners about the sources, symptoms, severity and treatment of this emerging health issue. Our […]

The summer is here, and it’s a great time to be out and about with your pets. But be aware at this time of year there are small seeds from grass-like weeds, called foxtails, that can embed themselves in your pet’s feet, ears, eyes, mouth and skin. These hard, fish hook-like seeds produce tremendous discomfort […]

This month’s newsletter focuses upon how to safely exercise with your pet during hot summer days. How Your Pet Keeps Cool Unlike humans who reduce body temperature via the evaporative effects of sweating, our furry friends primarily cool down by expending heat through panting. Secondarily, pets can lower their body temperature by sweating through skin […]

Summer is the ideal time for fun and relaxation for the entire family. Below are several tips that will help your family vacation with your pet. But before you embark, ensure your contact information is clearly visible on your pet’s collar and we conduct a pet check-up for a worry-free trip. Then, pack your pet’s […]

Healthcare for pet has, thankfully, become more sophisticated over the years and skilled veterinarians are increasingly able to diagnose and treat ailments earlier and faster—extending the lives of our beloved pets. But as with people, the advances in science, technology and healthcare often come with a price—literally. This month we focus upon the role pet […]