With the holidays now upon us, it’s time to think about sharing the goodwill with friends and family — which includes, of course, our pets. This month we wanted to highlight tips to ensure any pet gifts or treats are safe, nutritious and enjoyable. Toys Toys are great ways for owners to interact with their […]

With the holidays quickly approaching, this month we wanted to focus upon obesity and how you can help your pet avoid the health challenges associated with this unnecessary condition. The Basics The determination as to whether your pet gains or loses weight is governed by a very simple formula: Calories of Food Eaten – Calories […]

This month we wanted to explore the joys and risks of taking your dog to the neighborhood dog park. If you have any thoughts or experiences you would like to share, please reply to this newsletter. We’re eager to hear from you. Joys Dog parks typically offer a safe, secure location whereby your pet can […]

In the ongoing desire to help enhance the wellness and longevity of your pets, this month we focus upon the benefits and concerns associated with Internet-based pharmacies for pet medications. Background As you, yourself, have experienced, the Internet has changed virtually all aspects of our lives — from where we acquire our information, how we […]

In this month’s newsletter we wanted to address one of the most common questions raised during a visit to Kirkwood Animal Hospital — or in our follow-up owner satisfaction survey:   “Why do you take my pet to the back?” We Understand Your Love and Concern First, we understand that your pet is a loved […]

No one knows your pet like you do. So you can tell when they are happy, sad or maybe not feeling like themselves. This month, we explore what your pet’s eyes can tell you and indicate to a veterinary professional. Their eyes can share insights into their current mindset, age, visual health and overall condition. […]

This month, we wanted to share several approaches that will help your pets endure the “dog days” of summer. This means changing playtime hours, providing greater access to water and shade, and more closely monitoring your pet — particularly those that might be older, overweight, or have existing medical conditions. So, now is the time […]

When your pet is not feeling well or injured, we may use diagnostic imaging tools to “see” what’s going on within your pet’s body. With the advancement in technology, we have several tools available to us, and this month’s newsletter summarizes the use and advantages of X-Rays, Ultrasounds, MRIs and CT Scans. All are excellent […]

As our pets, like us, continue to live longer, we should all be able to recognize potential signs of cancer. This month’s newsletter focuses upon sources, types, and potential treatment for cancer — hoping that you’ll never have to act upon this knowledge. However, one in four pets will develop some type of tumor in […]

This month we focus upon the power of the Internet — and if it can be reliably used when your pet requires health attention. Clearly, if you’re searching for pet products such as collars, tracking devices and even pet food, using the Internet will serve you well. But will it help you when your cat […]