This month, we wanted to share several approaches that will help your pets endure the “dog days” of summer. This means changing playtime hours, providing greater access to water and shade, and more closely monitoring your pet — particularly those that might be older, overweight, or have existing medical conditions. So, now is the time […]

When your pet is not feeling well or injured, we may use diagnostic imaging tools to “see” what’s going on within your pet’s body. With the advancement in technology, we have several tools available to us, and this month’s newsletter summarizes the use and advantages of X-Rays, Ultrasounds, MRIs and CT Scans. All are excellent […]

As our pets, like us, continue to live longer, we should all be able to recognize potential signs of cancer. This month’s newsletter focuses upon sources, types, and potential treatment for cancer — hoping that you’ll never have to act upon this knowledge. However, one in four pets will develop some type of tumor in […]

This month we focus upon the power of the Internet — and if it can be reliably used when your pet requires health attention. Clearly, if you’re searching for pet products such as collars, tracking devices and even pet food, using the Internet will serve you well. But will it help you when your cat […]

Conducting regular blood tests is an essential component of your pet’s overall wellness program. Blood tests enable us to identify issues before they become apparent or visible, enabling us to take corrective action much sooner — resulting in better health outcomes and lower total costs for pet owners. This month we wanted to share several […]

Continuing our “Getting to Know” series, this month we share an interview with Dr. Gonzalez. A Discussion with Dr. Samantha Gonzalez, DVM Our objective is for you to know more about each of us, why we’re passionate about pets and how we each developed the skills and experience to help maintain the wellness and health […]

This month we focus upon developing a 2019 wellness roadmap for your pet. While we’re always focused upon the health of your pet, year-end is the ideal time to plan for an exceptional year to come. Schedule Your Pet’s Annual Exam Probably the single most important factor in maintaining the wellness of your pet is […]

With the growing number of pet food brands, this month we would like to focus upon selecting the right food for your pet. Our objective is to identify the important elements in the decision-making process. Embrace Life Stage Foods The age of your pet can help you identify the nutritional needs and the pet food […]

Nothing hurts worse than when a family member who is ailing — including a pet. This month’s newsletter focuses upon how to care for your pets when they are ill. Call Us Caring for a sick pet starts with prevention. Annual check-ups can help identify potential issues before they become major health risks. And for […]

Everyone loves their pets and among the best way to care for them is to have them vaccinated against common diseases. This month we focus upon how vaccines help your pet reduce the risk of contracting potentially life-threatening health issues — and reduce the severity if such a disease is contracted. What is a vaccine? […]