With the summer months now upon us, it’s vital that you know the impact heat can have upon your pet. As temperatures rise, so do the health risks from summer’s heat. Never Leave a Pet in the Car Under no circumstance should a pet ever be left in a car unattended — even if the […]

This month we wanted to explore several reasons why your pets scratch, lick and bite themselves — and the reasons may surprise you. The good news is that we can help identify and address the underlying causes of your pet’s behavior. Regular Preening Many pets will work hard to keep themselves clean, particularly most cats […]

Kirkwood Animal Hospital has been serving the greater Campbell area for nearly four decades, and it continues to be a delight to care for your pets. We are grateful for the opportunity to make long and lasting friendships — and we are equally appreciative of your ongoing patronage. That’s why we would like to take […]

Healthy teeth are not just important for playing and pain-free eating, but they are also essential to your pet’s overall health. This month we review the importance and procedures to keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. Importance of Healthy Teeth and Gums In the wild, a broken or infected tooth could result in a […]

Happy New Year, and we hope 2022 will be an outstanding year for you and your pet. But, it’s up to you to keep your pet’s New Year Resolution — great health — which starts with your pet’s annual wellness exam. In addition, you should also take your dogs to a dog daycare facility from time […]

With the holidays rapidly approaching, many are wondering what gifts they should be considering for their furry family members. In this month’s newsletter, we share some ideas that your pet will truly appreciate. Treats Some pets will happily receive treats in lieu of toys this holiday season. To help ensure your pets do not overindulge, […]

As the goal of our newsletters is to help educate and keep your pets healthy, this month we wanted to share the source, symptoms and treatment for canine distemper — a potentially deadly condition. What is Canine Distemper? Simply put, canine distemper is a virus (paramyxovirus which is similar and related to measles) that attacks […]

This month we wanted to re-emphasize the importance of keeping your pet’s rabies vaccination current. It’s not only the law, it’s vital to your pet’s health — and your own. What is Rabies? Rabies is a deadly viral infection of the nervous system that can impact all mammals — including dogs, cats and humans. Rabies […]

There have been several recent media mentions regarding contaminated pet food. This month, we explore three common types of pet food contamination — sharing the symptoms, treatment and potential risk to both pets and their owners. Salmonella Salmonella is a bacteria that commonly causes “food poisoning.” Pet food contaminated with Salmonella bacteria does not usually […]

Has your dog ever had a persistent cough that they just could not seem to shake? This month we focus upon the causes, symptoms and cures of “kennel cough,” a critical and contagious disease that is treatable if taken to an animal hospital on time. What is Kennel Cough? Kennel cough is a relatively common […]