Pets are cherished members of the family. And when they encounter medical emergencies, no family should have to make heart-wrenching decisions about the ability to acquire the necessary treatment.

Kirkwood Animal Hospital is built upon a fundamental philosophy of providing exceptional health care at an affordable price. This approach enables you to acquire the necessary treatment for your cats and dogs — keeping your pets healthy and extending their lifespan.

Affordable Pet Care
Kirkwood Animal Hospital is unique as our veterinarians were trained at the nation’s very best veterinary schools, enabling them to effectively identify root-causes or to employ only a targeted set of diagnostic tests to determine a course of treatment. This approach differs significantly from a heavy reliance upon extensive diagnostic panels that tend to delay decision making and increase the fees you experience.

As caring veterinarians, our objective is to help as many pets as possible — treating each pet as if they were our own. Providing exceptional care at an affordable price is an often overlooked attribute but one that is critically important to us.