This month we would like to focus upon an issue among pets as they approach their “middle age,” a torn CCL. We’ll explain what happens, how to repair it, and how to help your pet avoid such situations. What is the CCL? CCL stands for the Cranial Cruciate Ligament and it connects your pet’s upper […]

Pets often visit us in an effort to obtain relief from their frequent scratching or licking. Often this is related to an allergy. For some pets, this is a seasonal condition while it may be a constant, year-long battle for others. This month we’ll explore pet allergies and how you can help your pets be […]

Walking your pet can always lead to unpredictable situations — such as meeting old friends or seeing an object that was previously unnoticed. But, at times, an outing can result in an unanticipated encounter with an aggressive pet. This month, we focus upon prevention and what to do if your pet is involved in an […]