With the holidays rapidly approaching during a very challenging yer, we wanted to share some considerations when giving or receiving toys for your pets. Here are a few recommendations from poodleexpert.com: Choking Hazards Choking occurs when a pet ingests an item that blocks an airway or induces uncontrollable coughing. Choking can be caused by small, large, […]

With the impact of the pandemic still evident upon all of us, we wanted to focus this month upon the importance of vaccinating your pet. What is a vaccine? A vaccine is a biological tool designed to stimulate and elevate your pet’s natural immune system to effectively thwart particular disease-causing agents, such as viruses, bacteria […]

Now that we’re all use to spending more time with our pets, limiting the risk of an unsupervised pet separation and ensuring their return is even more vital today. This month we focus upon the importance of pet identification,  pet tracking and microchipping pet services.   Pet Identification Beyond having your pet’s name on an identification tag (often […]