Emergency Order Hours and Activities All of us at Kirkwood Animal Hospital are committed to doing our best in complying with the guidelines for minimizing COVID-19. During the mandated “Shelter in Place,” veterinary care is deemed an essential health service. Open for Emergencies, Sick and Injured Patients We are open during our normal hours of […]

With recent news and actions focused upon containing the corona virus in humans, we wanted to address any owner concerns regarding the impact that COVID-19 might have upon your pets. Background Current thinking and historically, the majority of viral epidemics are not readily transmitted from people to their dog or cat — and vice versa. […]

This month we wanted to focus upon a relatively common problem named a Urinary Tract Infection, or UTI. UTIs can be both painful and very harmful to your pet — and they require immediate identification and treatment. What is a UTI? A UTI is typically a bacterial infection that occurs within your pet’s lower urinary […]