In the ongoing desire to help enhance the wellness and longevity of your pets, this month we focus upon the benefits and concerns associated with Internet-based pharmacies for pet medications. Background As you, yourself, have experienced, the Internet has changed virtually all aspects of our lives — from where we acquire our information, how we […]

In this month’s newsletter we wanted to address one of the most common questions raised during a visit to Kirkwood Animal Hospital — or in our follow-up owner satisfaction survey:   “Why do you take my pet to the back?” We Understand Your Love and Concern First, we understand that your pet is a loved […]

No one knows your pet like you do. So you can tell when they are happy, sad or maybe not feeling like themselves. This month, we explore what your pet’s eyes can tell you and indicate to a veterinary professional. Their eyes can share insights into their current mindset, age, visual health and overall condition. […]