Nothing hurts worse than when a family member who is ailing — including a pet. This month’s newsletter focuses upon how to care for your pets when they are ill. Caring for a sick pet starts with prevention. Annual check-ups conducted by a veterinarian specialist can help identify potential issues before they become major health risks. And for […]

Everyone loves their pets and among the best way to care for them is to have them vaccinated against common diseases. This month we focus upon how vaccines help your pet reduce the risk of contracting potentially life-threatening health issues — and reduce the severity if such a disease is contracted. What is a vaccine? […]

This month we focus upon a common pet problem — hotspots. While they are more prevalent during the summer, they can occur year-round and cause your pet tremendous discomfort. What are hotspots? Hotspots are areas of red, moist or inflamed skin that can be found on your pet where ever they can reach with their […]

This month we focus upon the decision to spay or neuter your pet–and the factors to consider when making such a decision. Definition Spaying is the process of removing the reproductive capability of female pets, while neutering is the same but for males. Discussion Among pet owners there is often resistance to having a pet […]