If our pets are like many of us, they may have over-indulged in meals and treats over the holidays. Unfortunately, overweight or obese pets are becoming increasingly common and it’s a battle we have to tackle together. Today, it is estimated that 59% of cats and 54% of dogs in the United States are overweight […]

This month’s newsletter focuses upon bringing a new pet into your life. The decision to “expand your family” often happens quickly and with great excitement (as it should be!). Yet as the holidays approach, we would like to share considerations when selecting a pet. Evaluate Your Lifestyle Before adopting a pet (young or old), it’s […]

This month we focus upon how to keep your pet healthy and comfortable through easy and effective grooming techniques. Not only will your pet be happier, they will look great for the upcoming holidays. If you need home pet grooming services, you may want to contact professional mobile dog grooming services. Regular Brushing The easiest and […]