This month we kick off our "Getting to Know" series with our first "interview" with Dr. Lim. Over the coming months, we’ll share information about other Kirkwood Animal Hospital team members. Our objective is for you to know more about each of us, why we’re passionate about pets and how we each developed the skills […]

With the heat of summer now upon us, below are several important tips to keep your pet healthy and safe. Never, Ever Leave your Pet in the Car Like children, under no circumstance should a pet ever be left in a car unattended — even if the windows remain open. Studies have demonstrated on a […]

Foxtails are grasses with barbed seeds that are exceptionally dangerous to dogs and outdoor cats in our area. Foxtail seeds contain razor-sharp needles that allow the seed to penetrate the earth and begin the growing process. However, their hardened, barbed structure also enables foxtails to burrow into your pet’s skin and penetrate sensitive tissue. Foxtails […]