If you’re reading this we’re sure you love your pets. And we know that panicked feeling when you think something might be wrong. Why is he whining? Why is she limping? Is he in pain? Is this something serious? What should I do? What can I do? But, we all want answers fast and given […]

Veterinary medicine is much more than vaccines. It is about maintaining the wellness, happiness and longevity of your pet based upon proactive health management. This month’s newsletter focuses upon a growing issue–overweight pets. Pets, just like people, need to remain active and eat the proper foods to maintain a healthy weight. According to recent research […]

As a provider of your pet’s care, we would like to highlight within this month’s newsletter the emergence of canine influenza—a highly infectious disease that is occurring with increasing frequency in our area. Just like people, healthy pets sometimes fall ill. Our priority is to help maintain the wellness of your pet—taking proactive measures to […]

A loving home goes a long way toward the health and well-being of cats and dogs. But often that is not quite enough. Below is our list of your pet’s top health care needs. This great post by Off Leash K9 Phoenix will also help you find out if it’s time to start training your dog. […]