Our exclusive focus at Kirkwood Animal Hospital is to keep your pets healthy, extend their longevity, and ensure owners and their pets are happy. To accomplish this wellness objective, the entire staff is uniquely dedicated to illness prevention through proactive health management. While accidents, unexpected events, and emergencies do happen, we endeavor to keep your […]

The summer months in northern California are a great time to enjoy the company of your pets. But be watchful for foxtails as your cats and dogs venture outside. Foxtails are grass-like weeds with seeds that stick to your clothes and pets. Foxtail seeds have a fish hook-like structure (or barb) that make them particularly […]

While fleas are active year round in northern California, they become more noticeable in warmer weather. Fleas are problems as they not only carry tapeworm, which can be transmitted to cats and dogs, but they make our pets itchy and scratchy, sometimes to the extent of causing severe dermatitis. Impact of Fleas The most frequent […]