This month we kick off our "Getting to Know" series with our first "interview" with Dr. Lim. Over the coming months, we’ll share information about other Kirkwood Animal Hospital team members. Our objective is for you to know more about each of us, why we’re passionate about pets and how we each developed the skills […]

With the heat of summer now upon us, below are several important tips to keep your pet healthy and safe. Never, Ever Leave your Pet in the Car Like children, under no circumstance should a pet ever be left in a car unattended — even if the windows remain open. Studies have demonstrated on a […]

Foxtails are grasses with barbed seeds that are exceptionally dangerous to dogs and outdoor cats in our area. Foxtail seeds contain razor-sharp needles that allow the seed to penetrate the earth and begin the growing process. However, their hardened, barbed structure also enables foxtails to burrow into your pet’s skin and penetrate sensitive tissue. Foxtails […]

If you’re reading this we’re sure you love your pets. And we know that panicked feeling when you think something might be wrong. Why is he whining? Why is she limping? Is he in pain? Is this something serious? What should I do? What can I do? But, we all want answers fast and given […]

Veterinary medicine is much more than vaccines. It is about maintaining the wellness, happiness and longevity of your pet based upon proactive health management. This month’s newsletter focuses upon a growing issue–overweight pets. Pets, just like people, need to remain active and eat the proper foods to maintain a healthy weight. According to recent research […]

As a provider of your pet’s care, we would like to highlight within this month’s newsletter the emergence of canine influenza—a highly infectious disease that is occurring with increasing frequency in our area. Just like people, healthy pets sometimes fall ill. Our priority is to help maintain the wellness of your pet—taking proactive measures to […]

A loving home goes a long way toward the health and well-being of cats and dogs. But often that is not quite enough. Below is our list of your pet’s top health care needs in 2016. The Physical Exam This is the most important part of an annual wellness program. Pets can’t tell us when […]

Holiday Foods: Be Careful What Your Pet Eats The holidays come with the gathering of great friends, family, and food. Regrettably not all foods are good for your cats and dogs. Many common foods and ingredients that we enjoy produce severe discomfort for your pets. And in some cases, “our” foods may induce organ failure […]

Fall Pet Health Tips: Heartworm Pet Risks Heartworms are parasitic worms that live in susceptible host bodies (cats, dogs, ferrets and even sea lions and rarely humans) and are transmitted in a complicated life cycle via mosquito bites. After infection, these worms live in the arteries of the lungs and in the heart, cause inflammation, […]

This month’s newsletter focuses upon the role vaccinations play in maintaining your pet’s health. Should I vaccinate my pet? Your decision to vaccinate your pet depends on several factors, including: Your pet’s risk of exposure to disease-causing organisms based on your pet’s environment and exposure to other animals The health impact if your pet is […]